Anonymous asked:

I think you just used a made up scenario I your head to justify your hatred for white people, who even says "did you not wash your hands" when they see a henna? Like how fucking often do you think white people would say that??

ohpriya answered:

UM I DON”T KNOW ANON. HOW THE FUCK do you know what happened in my life? 

Hatred for white people? Psh, I don’t have time to waste on ignorant people which mostly include white people in my life currently. 

Literally every white class mate said that to me as I grew up wearing henna to school during diwali and stuff. And henna can be a lot of things, we use henna from actual tree leaves which turn your hand red for the first few days which these ignorant piece of shits thought it was “cheetoh stains” and would tell me to go wash my hands. A GROWN teacher said that to me more than once. 

I DON”T give a shit of how OFTEN white people say that, THEY SAID it and that’s the end of story, I don’t care if none of these other indians never went through it or want to deny it because HA it was just their “friends” that said that to them like STFU idc. Anon why don’t you go spend your time in a worthy thing rather than hating on someone’s post because you think it’s going against your belief that AMERICA IS A Sacred place where racism doesn’t exist especially that white people don’t cause the majority of it.